Rail Freight

Freight train with cargo containers

Rail Freight Services in India

Railways is the backbone of the country’s logistics sector. During 2020-2021, when most activities were under lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, IR was providing relentless services in freight transportation in the country. Rail freight achieved the highest ever loading of 1,232 million tonnes in 2020-2021.

Freight trains earn two-thirds of IR revenues and are referred to as the ‘bread earners’ for the railways. The freight operations of IR entail the management of a fleet of more than 330,000 wagons, 12,000 locomotives, and the running of 6,000 freight trains daily. Unlike passenger trains, freight trains do not run to a fixed schedule in India, making freight operations a highly information-intensive activity.

We at GSCSPL also comply and can arrange for rail freights and are also equipped with our team at major ICDs for the time process and logistical activities.